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htpp - Hessu's Tampa Ping-Pong conversd

This is a derivative of TPP-1.14. This is a maintenance / clean-up release, and does not contain any new major features. It is released only to help new conversd operators get all the right patches for tpp-1.14 and get the thing compiled on modern systems without too much grief. A major clean up of the source tree has also been done, to make bugfixing and enhancements an easier task.

Notable differences to TPP and PP:

  • Removed everything that is not needed by the server (the clients, mailgate stuff, bundled libraries). Everyone is using either telnet or a better client program like colrconv or tkconv anyway, right?
  • Cleaned and reindented source for readability (-kr -i8, ansi function prototypes), new Makefile
  • Runs on libc6/glibc, libc5, 64 bit Linux/Alpha without modification
  • Does not include the old OS/2 port (the port was made for some obsolete non-Winsock TCP sockets thing anyway)
  • Removed the Configure script, instead made the source comply better to the standards (should probably run on most if not all POSIX compliant UNIX systems with ANSI C compilers, with minor header file fixes and usually -DNO_SNPRINTF)
  • Removed obsolete and duplicate commands, and also ones that I and my friends don't like to have in convers (/cq is filtered completely, /cut, /nick, etc don't work locally). In my opinion adding duplicate commands for the same function (in hope that it would be easier for the new user to find the function he is looking for) does not help, but makes it harder to learn. Thus, i've removed all of the alias commands Brian added, and made it more like the original conversd in this respect.
  • Optional channel 0 banning. Compile with -DBAN_ZERO and local users cannot access the channel. The channel is still forwarded to all links though.
  • DefaultChan directive in configuration file (it MUST be set and cannot be set to 0).
  • Built-in access lists for better security (by Tomi, OH2BNS)
  • Remembers who set the topic on a channel
  • Better and more configurable logging
  • Better configuration file parser, and better documented example configuration file
It also contains most of the patches we've received from Brian and others after the release of tpp-1.14.

Read the INSTALL document for installation instructions.

Tested systems (compiles out of the box, basic functionality tested):

 RedHat Linux 4.1/i386, libc 5.3.12, gcc, Linux 2.0.36
 RedHat Linux 5.2/i386, glibc 2.0.7, gcc, Linux 2.2.1
 RedHat Linux 5.2/alpha, glibc 2.0.7, egcs 1.03a, Linux 2.0.35
 RedHat Linux 4.2/sparc/sun4c, libc 5.3.12, gcc, Linux 2.0.30
 Debian GNU/Linux 1.3/i386, libc 5.4.33, gcc, Linux 2.0.35
 Debian GNU/Linux 2.0/i386, glibc 2.0.7, gcc, Linux 2.0.36
 Solaris 2.5.1/UltraSparc/sun4u, gcc 2.7.2
 Solaris 2.6/UltraSparc/sun4u, gcc
 AIX 4.1/PowerPC, gcc (Tomi)
 AIX 4.2/PowerPC, gcc
 HP-UX B.10.20 A/PA-RISC, gcc 2.8.1 (Tomi)
 HP-UX B.10.20 A/PA-RISC, gcc
 Digital Unix 4.0E/Alpha, DEC C V5.8-009
 SGI Irix 6.2/MIPS R4400 IP22, bundled cc

YMMV. 8-)

Amount of beverages consumed during development:
4.5 litres of Coca-Cola
10 pans of tea (Twinings: Earl Grey, Lady Grey, English Breakfast)
4 beers (0.33l, Olvi/Sandels, Finnish lager)
2 ciders (0.33l, Woodpecker, half dry)

Current version:

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Last modified: Friday, 29-Dec-2000 00:22:42 EET