Clusse volunteers

This is a list of people who have donated time to the Clusse project and started to maintain some parts of it. Feel free to contact them directly if you have questions about their work, or would like to thank them.
Callsign: Name: Address: Blamed for:
Spanish help file (0.29)
F1RHK Alexandre Cugnot
French help file
F1SLS Stanislas Perrin unknown French help file
HA2VR Gyula Huller
Hungarian help file
IS0HHA Antonio Perniciano
Italian help file
LA2GCA Svein Sandersen
Norwegian help file (0.30)
LA7AH Kjell Duna
Norwegian help file (0.31)
LU2HF Nestor Didonato
Spanish help file (0.31)
LW4HBR Sebasti n Dimunzio
Spanish help file (0.31)
OE6IWG Walter Steinwender
German help file
OK1IVU Vlada Vesely
Czech help file
SM2OWW Krister Berg
Swedish help file

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