Clusse Languages

This is an index of the language files available for Clusse. Currently, Clusse supports only one installed help file at a time, but support for user-switchable help and user interface language files is being planned.

The Clusse distribution file includes Finnish and English files, with the Finnish file installed as a default. To install the English file, simply copy text\english.hlp to text\clusse.hlp.

The Finnish and English files are maintained by the author. Other languages are translated by volunteers, and supplied for downloading below. Get the latest version available, as new commands are added in each version of Clusse.

If you translate the help file to your language, please translate the latest version, and use the English version as a basis for the translation to minimize errors. Mail the file to me, and i'll include it here.

Language files:
Language file size version
Czech: 7434 0.30b 11152 0.31-beta1
French: 8778 0.30f
German: 8503 0.30f 14364 0.31-beta6
Hungarian: 12841 0.31
Italian: 7770 0.30f
Norwegian: 7295 0.30-beta 8507 0.31-alpha
Spanish: 14599 0.31 10577 0.30d
Swedish: 8523 0.30a 9470 Fortunes

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