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30 Oct 1998
The mailing list addresses and subscription instructions, and WWW/FTP addresses have changed.

14 Oct 1998
Clusse version 1.00 has been released - with source code, under the GNU general public license (GPL). This change in the license makes Clusse Truly Free Software! Read more about the philosophical issues about free software and GPL licencing at the GNU web site.

While the version number has been changed to 1.00, no real changes have been made to the code tree. It's just the license, the source code, and some source code documentation. The new version stands for the original author's idea that the product is now ready and finished, for his part.

Clusse version 0.31 is still the preferred installed version for Clusse node installations. It includes a wide range of new features and numerous bug fixes over the 0.30 series some people are still running. Take a look at the changes.

Enter the Downloading page and get the latest version of the Clusse distribution and all the related utilities - all direct from the author!
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