Re: Resource help with Debian

From: Douglas Cole <>
Date: Mon Jan 23 2006 - 08:56:01 EET

On 1/22/06, Dennis Boone <> wrote:
> Doug,
> > I am at a loss as to where to start,
> > so will need some input from those on this list that can give me
> > some sites that will possibly list tools to configure and make Debian
> > useable for me, a spoiled SuSE user of 6 years, so please be gentle
> > and don't tell me "RTFM will do it all"
> I'm not sure you'll find a single wiki-like source of all wisdom, but
> I can tackle some of this.
> > I hope to make this my main Amateur radio distro', but am concerned
> > right off the bat because it installed the 2.6.8x kernel (old), but am
> > going to try and keep my mind open to this... Also I thought the DVD I
> > downloaded was supposed to have the Amateur packages already there, but
> > no such luck, maybe it was on DVD#2, which I haven't downloaded yet...
> Debian does package quite a few ham tools. Is installing additional
> packages from the network out of the question for you (i.e. dialup
> or some such)? You really should apply updates anyway.

Thanks for the input Dennis, I have DSL and have no problem installing
from the Internet, I like to have install media, since some of the
pc's I will install to will not have an internet connection, but since
I am not sure where to start as far as finding the right repository
(there seem to be literally hundreds) I was kind of hoping there would
be a site that could give me some "newbie" input besides the Debian
site, sort of like the SuSE-wiki sites that are so helpful to those
new to SuSE... Wiki's seem to fit my mind set when it comes to finding
I agree that I should apply updates and will as soon as I get this all
sorted, since just took my first Deb-baby steps ;^}

> In theory, it should be fairly straightforward to take the newest kernel
> tarball and use the standard Debian tools to build a kernel Debian-style.
> You'll probably end up having to entertain this idea, as the AX.25 stack
> has had a fair amount of work done recently, and Debian tends to be pretty
> conservative about shipping updates.

Ugghh, I see a learning curve, this may not get done as soon as I had
hoped, you see I am too spoiled by pre-built binaries (rpm-land user)
and never (well twice back in 1997) did I have to compile my own
kernel with SuSE, so this may end up being a large task for me, but
hey I have all sorts of time (yeah right)...
And I know some of you could compile a new kernel with your eye's
closed and your hands tied behind your back and still beat me to the
finish, but for me I have not been successful at my attempts.

> > Maybe a list of apt repositories for amateur packages would be nice,
> > since it doesn't seem to list any with the default install...
> Once you have the second DVD, or network install configured, you can use
> the command:
> apt-cache search <searchstring>
> to look through package descriptions.

Tried what you suggested but didn't get anything back for "ax25".
So where could I find a list of repositories to put into my
apt-sources list ? Since I was able to get syaptic up and running and
I did a search for ax25 and got zero results :(
This using the default local and online sources.
Also which doc' would explain better how to edit the sources.list
file, which I assume is where i need to add those online sources that
will get me the goods I want :)

> There's an additional mailing list,, which
> would be a better place to ask these questions. There is also some useful
> documentation at:
I'll try it again, for some reason the first time I went there I
didn't get much accomplished, but I will give it another go if that is
the only place to go...

> You might start with the APT HOWTO, and the dselect documentation.
Yup, tried the above howto guess I will have to read it again and see
what I missed...

> Keep asking questions -- Debian is worth the effort.
Oh, the questions will keep coming until I get past the "what tool do
I use to make it play" questions, then hopefully I can give some back,
I really hate it when I can't give back for what I have gotten from
all the helpful Linux folk...

Thanks again for the input, I see I have allot of reading to do 8^}

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