Re: ARRL's LoTW with Debian Sarge

From: Bob Nielsen (
Date: Thu Sep 18 2003 - 06:42:00 EEST

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    I installed the beta version in May and went through essentially the
    same process (see my May 16 message to debian-hams).

    I see that source rpms are now available, so it should be relatively
    easy to create a Debian package from scratch. The copyright file says
    "BSD-like", which may not be adequate for inclusion in Debian.

    Bob, N7XY
    On Wed, Sep 17, 2003 at 10:14:42PM -0500, Nate Bargmann wrote:
    > Hello everyone.
    > For most on this list what I'm about describe is probably old hat, but
    > there may be some newcomers that would find this helpful in the list
    > archives.
    > As most are probably aware, the American Radio Relay League has been
    > working for a few years on a way to digitally sign log submissions for
    > electronic application for their various awards. In the October 2003
    > issue of QST (Amateur Windows? 8-) it has been announced that this
    > program was opened to general use as of 15 September 2003. On the
    > Logbook of The World web page:
    > there is a library and programs for signing and generating log data for
    > Linux. These programs are provided in binary form only for Red Hat 7.2
    > and 8.0 releases and are RPMs. Also provided are source RPMs for the
    > library and the applications. These archives are not directly
    > installable as managed packages on my Linux distribution of choice,
    > Debian, so they must be converted using a utility called Alien.
    > Having never needed Debian's Alien before, I decided this was as good of
    > a time as any to try it. I grabbed the RH 8.0 RPMs and the source RPMs,
    > just in case.
    > I installed alien, rpm, libwxbase2.4, and libwxgtk2.4 as the web page
    > said the programs depended on WXWin 2.4.
    > Converting the RPMs to .deb's was straightforward with alien and
    > installation with dpkg completed without error. I attempted to start
    > tqsl, but the startup failed. A quick ldd /usr/bin/tqsl revealed a
    > dependency on that was not found. Using the package
    > search page on the Debian site:
    > I found that it was a part of the libssl0.9.7 and libssl0.9.6 packages,
    > the latter version being in the oldlibs section.
    > Well, I created a symlink to named
    > ln -s
    > (actually I used Midnight Commander, but this is generic--don't forget
    > you'll need to be root as these files reside in /usr/lib) and tried
    > again. Running tqsl worked fine, but tqslcert failed with a relocation
    > error.
    > Poking around in the README in the tqsllib archive I found where the
    > library is dependent on OpenSSL 0.9.6. So I redid my symlink to point
    > to and tqslcert loaded and ran.
    > In tqslcert I was able to create my certificate request and am now
    > waiting for the authentication process.
    > One quirk or bug I noticed in tqslcert is that if the Help button is
    > clicked and then the help window is backgrounded, the window that called
    > the help window is frozen and will remain so until the help window is
    > closed. This may be a problem in WxWin, I don't know.
    > So there you have it, my micro-HOWTO on LoTW on Debian Sarge (Testing).
    > 73, de Nate >>
    > P.S. I keep this system updated about once per week. An older Testing
    > snapshot may or may not work. The same caveat may apply to Sid
    > (Unstable).
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