TNC Software emulator - talk with KISS interface

From: Sriram Chadalavada (
Date: Fri May 02 2003 - 18:29:15 EEST

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    Hello everyone,
      I am looking for software (KISS-based)TNC emulators
    that can run on Redhat 7.3 configured with AX.25
    Currently, I have installed KISS interfaces on two
    Linux boxes and made them talk. But our project
    (KUTESAT) needs emulation of an AX.25 link between two
    systems ie a KISS interface on host talking to a sw
    TNC which in turn communicates with its counterpart on
    the other machine.
                   I looked up on the web and found tfkiss
    rpm which works on Suse. Can this be used on Redhat
    7.3 too (installation as rpm or from source)? If so,
    is it possible to make it work with the KISS
    interfaces described above (created by using
    kissattach command)?

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