Linux-Hams archive - July 1997: rspf doing naughty things

rspf doing naughty things

Mike Bilow ()
Tue, 08 Jul 97 15:09:00 -0000

Terry Dawson wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

> Maybe rspfd is deleting the static route when it shouldn't?

TD> You added the static route when you shouldn't have (after
TD> rspfd had started).

I don't think it's reasonable to prohibit manual modification of the routing
table while rspfd is running. As far as I can think of, rspfd should be
stateless except when actually testing a route. Perhaps we need to get a lock
added to the IP routing table so that manual changes are prohibited during
those brief intervals when a route is being tested.

I have not really thought this through in detail and I would interested to hear
Craig's comments, but I can't see any reason why rspfd should be getting its
routing information from anywhere other than the real table (or /proc/net,
which amounts to the same thing).

-- Mike