Linux-Hams archive - July 1997: Re: confusion over routing with rspf

Re: confusion over routing with rspf

Terry Dawson (
Mon, 07 Jul 1997 16:56:30 +1000

Mike Bilow wrote:

> Because of this inherent behavior of radio, RSPF can and should be used to
> bring order to the chaos of the internal routing within the subnet. Hosts can
> and should be picked up dynamically and relayed by other hosts on the air, and
> it is a principal goal of RSPF to provide the framework to do this.
> In my view, it is a mistake for the Linux kernel to enshrine assumptions about
> how subnets work internally, since those assumptions are demonstrably wrong
> when applied to certain types of interfaces, particularly radio. There is no
> question that this is going to make life difficult for RSPF, perhaps much more
> so than we realize at this time.

It hasn't enshrined them at all. The approach that has been taken specifically
allows you the option of respecting or ignoring the routes as you please.


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