Linux-Hams archive - July 1997: Interface's network address routing

Interface's network address routing

Mike Bilow ()
Thu, 03 Jul 97 15:36:00 -0000

csmall wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

c> Now, reading
c> /usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/routing.txt it says:

c> - You more need not make "route add aaa.bbb.ccc... eth0",
c> it is made automatically.

c> but, does this happen for *any* interface that is
c> ifconfig'ed, ie SCC cards, axattached interfaces...

It is bad practice to allow these implicit routes to be established
automatically when RSPF is in use, since there is no way to set the metric in
such cases. There should certainly be no prohibition against issuing the
"route add" explicitly, however.

c> If so, does anyone know when (in kernel versions) this
c> occurred roughly?

That has been in there since time immemorial.

c> Do these "interface routes" appear in the kernel routing
c> table (/proc/net/route), if not where can they be tracked?

They certainly should. If this doesn't happen, it is probably an error in the
way /proc/net/route is generated rather than in the IP routing code itself.

-- Mike, N1BEE