Linux-Hams archive - June 1997: KPC3+ problem with KISS and TCP/IP?

KPC3+ problem with KISS and TCP/IP?

Mike Bilow ()
Thu, 26 Jun 97 14:08:00 -0000

Albert Woodhull wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

AW> I suppose I should have a question in here: there are
AW> several, actually. First, is this a known problem with the
AW> KPC3+, or have I made a big mistake in my analysis? Second,
AW> is there any way around it? Obviously if it is a problem in
AW> the Kantronics ROM there must be an upgrade due. But it
AW> seems that part of the problem is in the software that is
AW> apparently willing to accept an endless stream of garbage
AW> from the TNC without a place to put it or any hope of
AW> extracting valid packets.

Are you by any chance trying to use AX.25 frames longer than 256 bytes? Is
there anyone else whom you can hear doing this?

Have you tried the obvious test of using a different serial port.

AW> Any help would be appreciated. I am writing from Nicaragua,
AW> unfortunately some options like trading in the TNC are not
AW> practical for me.

We can probably get something sent to you. If someone burned a KISS-only EPROM
for you, would you have the ability to replace it? I don't have enough
experience with the KPC3 to know what is possible.

AW> And, yes, I have written to Kantronics. So far no response
AW> (but I'm pretty impatient, I'll admit).

Kantronics is on the net: "".

-- Mike