Linux-Hams archive - June 1997: Re: Changing ax25 values

Re: Changing ax25 values

Sat, 21 Jun 1997 16:57:31 BST

>On the contrary, it is the new standard way of doing it in Linux.
>Not just for the AX.25 stuff (Jonathon didn't invent it) but for
>It is designed to make the toolset easier, and even unnecessary.

Whilst I can see the logic from the kernel side, I can't really
understand why the functionality was removed from axparms - a
little change in there would have 'hidden' the kernel interface
change from users. I don't mean hidden in a sinister sense btw :-)
I would argue that a user of networking software should be able
to change standard runtime parameters simply and the axparms
program seemed like a nice, generic configuring tool complete
with manual.

Cheers, David G7PIT

Dave J Brown operating from a secret location.