Linux-Hams archive - June 1997: Z8530 & kernel 2.0.30

Z8530 & kernel 2.0.30

Mike Bilow ()
Thu, 19 Jun 97 15:30:00 -0000

Alessandro Sbrana wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

AS> After rebooting, the kernel shows the version of the driver
AS> (2.4c) and the sccinit recognizes the addresses of the card
AS> (300h and up). Unfortunately, nothing is decoded in the RX
AS> mode, while the TX is keyed O.K., but without sending any
AS> inteligible packet.

What happens if you simply loop the TxD data signal back into the RxD data
input? Can you receive your own packets? This would take the modem out of the
system and test the 8530 device alone.

If that test fails, too, then try tapping a standard TNC at its data lines,
again bypassing the modem, and tying it directly to the 8530 data lines. This
should at least let you know whether you are transmitting, receiving, both, or

-- Mike