Linux-Hams archive - June 1997: TNC


John Cusick ()
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 20:19:42 -0400

I realize this is as much, if not more, an equipment question as a
linux-hams question, but you guys are the ones that got me addicted to
linux so you'll have to bear some of the responsibility for my question
in this group. I'm not looking to start a major discussion than goes on
endlessly and so feel free to e-mail me directly with your suggestions.
Here goes:

Last January I decided to learn about packet radio and get a TNC. While
investigating the software requirements and products, lo and behold, I
discovered (again) linux. Only now it was no longer an interesting
intellectual thing to read about, but a real live usable operating system
with applications. 4 months and a small home network based on linux
2.0.29 later I'm ready to get a TNC and hook up to the outside world.

The question is what type or brand of hardware is most recommended and
easiest to get on the air ?? By easiest, I mean the least amount of
compatibility problems. I know little about Packet in the U.S. I do think
that a TCP/IP type system is what I want to be involved with, but I don't
know if that's a wise decision or not. I'm interested in both HF and

What is the recommended reading on the Amateur radio side of the issue ??
What TNC's has this group decided on as the most reliable and workable
here in the U.S. (I'm not necesarily looking for a US made piece of

Thanks for your patience and any information.

John C.