Linux-Hams archive - June 1997: Re: BayCom and LinuX - now it works!

Re: BayCom and LinuX - now it works!

Nuno Sucena Almeida ()
12 Jun 1997 00:56:49 GMT

: something weird with setserial and 16550A UART chips.
: Seems that 'setserial /dev/ttySx uart none' doesn't really disconnect the
: serial LinuX driver from /dev/ttySx so that baycom.o cannot work.

well, a friend of mine has the same problem and i compiled a new kernel
for him with modulerized serial support but it doesn't work either!
for now he is working with the soundmodem for linux with no problem and
when he uses DOS he uses the serial baycom without a problem.
I'm using a 386DX40 with a serial baycom modem at 1k2 and me a my friend
are making some experiments with TCP/IP ...a bit slow but it works.
We have some problems using the FTP protocol but TELNET works okay.
But we are experimenting only past some couple of hours...
So, my question is: why can't I run the baycom serial modem
with my friend 16550A UART equipped computer, even with the serial module
support not loadled at startup? Tomas, have you the answer already?

Nuno Sucena
CT1FOX CQG9304 CQM9228			Eng.Electrote'cnica FCTUC
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