Linux-Hams archive - June 1997: Oops...


Mike Bilow ()
Sat, 07 Jun 97 14:11:00 -0000

John Ackermann AG9V wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

> The heart of the question is, if I want to be able to run ethernet-sized IP
> frames over ax25, do I only need to set the interface MTU, or must I set the
> /proc/sys/net/<port>/standard_window_size parameter as well?
JAA> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

JAA> I *meant* "maximum_packet_length".

I continue to believe that running Ethernet-sized frames (1500 bytes) over
AX.25 is a bad idea. Although the AX.25 protocol specification is widely
violated on this score, it does provide for a maximum of 256 bytes per frame.
Unless you have control over every AX.25 router along the path, very odd things
can happen with excessively long frames.

-- Mike