Linux-Hams archive - June 1997: Z80 C cross-compiler, assembler, linker for X1J4

Z80 C cross-compiler, assembler, linker for X1J4

Mike Bilow ()
Thu, 05 Jun 97 22:43:00 -0000

Alan Crosswell wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

AC> Anybody know of an available C compiler and friends for the
AC> Z80 that I could run under Linux, or DOSEMU or (gasp) even
AC> actual DOS. I am toying around with doing some APRS stuff
AC> and need to make a few small changes to the X1J4 code. I
AC> wasn't able to tell from the source code which particular
AC> cross-compiler Dave, G8KBB, had used. Looks like GCC
AC> doesn't have any support for 8-bit architecture machines....

I have the HI-TECH C compiler, of which v3.09 was released for any use as
freeware. It is CP/M-80 hosted and is intended to make CP/M-80 targets. The
CP/M-80 compiler is intended as a sort of fully functional demo from HI-TECH
Software of Alderly, Queensland, Australia, for their regular line of
commercial cross compilers. Since it seems to work under my CP/M-80 emulator
on OS/2 (I'm not kidding), it might work for you. I got it from WB5HIG.

AC> Hopefully I'm close enough on-topic not to get flamed for
AC> being off-topic. I did already prototype the code changes I
AC> want to make to X1J4 under linux and I do have an X1J4 TNC
AC> plugged in to my Linux machine.

I don't know if anyone has written a CP/M-80 emulator for Linux, but it would
not surprise me.

-- Mike