Linux-Hams archive - May 1997: Can access the gateway remotely but not the ethernet.

Can access the gateway remotely but not the ethernet.

Shane V. Segui (shanes@kim)
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 20:58:29 +0800 (HKT)

Hi to everyone!

I'm back once again on Linux this week. After I failed to increase
the speed of my previous set-up using PackeTwin, I went back to NOS
to trace my problem.
Now, I'm into linux again. But I want to be more
careful so I set up AX.25 in serial (no SCC cards yet)w/o any TNC and
provided wire connection on COM2 of both of computers.
I then made
routing tables.The client side has only default and loopback.I pass the
default to go through the serial. The gateway has the default set through
eth0 and the client's address to the serial(sl0). I've been using almost
the same concept in NOS and I can access remotely my gateway and the
ethernet. In Linux I can only access my gateway through the serial cable
I provided. Any connections that I tried to access the ethernet are
thrown through the ether but nothing comes back as the listen program
says so. I suspect my routing table needs some fix.Does anyone know
anything about it?

I also have another problem in Xwin that might interest someone to look
into though it is far off from this lists topic. When I'm running Xwin
and browsing using netscape I got messages everytime I tried to enter
commands at the shell prompt.It goes
can't map'/lib/'
can't map'/lib/'
What does it mean and is it a serious one?
Lots of thanks in advance.

Shane Segui