Linux-Hams archive - May 1997: TPP Converse Bridge...

TPP Converse Bridge...

26 MAY 97 16:09:37 EST

Hello All,
I have compiled the tpp after much looking at the system.....

Thanks to oh7lzb for his changes, this allowed me to complile on an
elf based system.

To get the tpp to compile without errors, I unpacked the
tpp-1.14.tar, applied patch1 form and the applied the changed from

Have i done anything wrong????

I want the tpp to compile on an elf system, which oh7lzb says is

It there any trick to getting the conversd to run, when I run
/usr/local/sbin/conversd there is some disk activity and then nothing, i
cannot see the thing loaded if I do a ps aux.

Peter VK3AVE