Linux-Hams archive - May 1997: ROOT permission corrupt, need HELP!!!

ROOT permission corrupt, need HELP!!!

Mike Bilow ()
Mon, 26 May 97 04:21:00 -0000

Karl F. Larsen wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

You originally typed:

>>you mount -t /hda2 /mnt and then cd /etc and there mv passwd

You were corrected with this:

>mount /dev/hda1 /mnt (this assumes your root partition is hda1)

Then you said:

KFL> Well Dave this will not work either. Please see my
KFL> message taken from a book word for word. You will see it
KFL> takes a bit more:

KFL> mount -t ext2 /dev/hda2 /mnt assuming your
KFL> filesystem is on a partion called hda2.

You erroneously omitted "/dev", which is critical. You also erroneously
omitted the partition type argument, "ext2", while leavibg the "-t" switch,
which broke the syntax of the command. Finally, the "cd" command should
reference "/mnt/etc" rather than "/etc".

When you were corrected, the correction used valud syntax but omitted the
partition type argument, which is often optional.

Your final version, citing some book, was correct, but radically different from
your first posting.

KFL> So I am sorry David but your information is also
KFL> wrong. Looks like you need a copy of the book too.

I think you owe Dave an apology. His worst offense was leaving out an optional
parameter, but his information corrected your mistakes accurately.

-- Mike