Linux-Hams archive - May 1997: rinetd!!!!


Sat, 24 May 1997 19:29:45 BST

Hi folks,

Dunno if anyone else on has pondered how to accept telnets to their
fine XFBB or other fine Linux software as well as allowing telnets
to their fine node and regular Linux prompt... well as seen on c.o.l.a.
I have the rinetd. Now I can accept telnets to and they
get connected to xfbb, I accept telnets to and they
go to the LinuxNode also telnets to go to the
normal in.telnetd.

This thingy redirects TCP packets and it does it in a most splendid
manner. is the place
to go to for it.

I use the virtual inetd to accept telnets to multiple IP's and varying

73 G7PIT

Dave J Brown operating from a secret location.