Linux-Hams archive - May 1997: tcp/ip parameters

tcp/ip parameters

Mike Bilow ()
Wed, 14 May 97 12:34:00 -0000

Benedict P. Barszcz wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

BPB> The very sending of the SYNC frame is always slower in Linux
BPB> than in xNos. You need to wait about 40 secs before another
BPB> SYNC frame is send. Under xNOS it is much more efficient.

Do you mean SYN or ACK SYN? This may have something to do with the
countermeasures for dealing with SYN-frame denial of service attacks.

BPB> Some say that VC mode causes too much congestion on the
BPB> radio channel and it is more advisable to use DG mode.

BPB> Can anyone enlighten me on that?

BPB> Sorry if the topic was touched here already. Maybe you could
BPB> refer me to a message in the archive?

This is a topic that has led to controversy, to put it mildly.

-- Mike