Linux-Hams archive - May 1997: DNS


Mike Bilow ()
Tue, 06 May 97 10:15:00 -0000

Tim Connolly wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

> If you really want to have the whole AMPR.ORG zone file on your
> disk, then set yourself up as secondary so you can't hurt
> anything. If you don't want your secondary server to update
> the zone file automatically, supply a fake address

TC> How would I make my system automatically update the zone file?
TC> I use named-xfer every 24 hours. IS this alright ????

No. Just define the domain as secondary in named.boot while supplying a valid
IP address for the primary, and named itself will run named-xfer as frequently
as required. In fact, at an interval of time specified in the SOA record in
the zone file, named will check the primary to see if the serial number on the
SOA record has increased. If the serial number has increased, then named will
spawn named-xfer and refresh the file.

-- Mike