Linux-Hams archive - April 1997: Caching DNS linking?

Caching DNS linking?

Mike Bilow ()
Mon, 28 Apr 97 04:16:00 -0000

Mike Dent wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

MD> Now, at our gateway/wormhole I have a caching DNS running
MD> which seems to work ok. Is it possible for me to run a
MD> similar DNS at home and use the one at the gateway for its
MD> queries? i.e. is it possible to string caching DNS together.

Yes. Run named. Configure /etc/named.boot to contain the keyword "slave"
(which is mutually exclusive with the keywords "primary" and "secondary").
Then add a line with the keyword "forwarders" followed by the IP address(es) of
the upstream name server(s) you wish to use.

-- Mike