Linux-Hams archive - April 1997: Re: Kissattach: TIOCSETD: Invalid argument

Re: Kissattach: TIOCSETD: Invalid argument

Terry Dawson (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 08:13:55 +1000

> Thats right, I'm waiting for two things to happen. The equivalent patch
> for the Linux 2.1.x kernels has been produced and has been sent off for
> inclusion in that kernel series, hopefully it'll appear in 2.1.35. When
> that happens I can release the new ax25-module patch which will keep them
> both in line. At the same point we'll also need a new version of the
> ax25-utils as some C header files have moved and some of the utilities
> have been updated.

Provided there is general happiness with them, I'll aim to release
an ax25-utils-2.1.35(module13) ..