Linux-Hams archive - April 1997: ? Adr masquarading with sendmail

? Adr masquarading with sendmail

Mike Bilow ()
Sun, 13 Apr 97 16:24:00 -0000

Ingo Renner wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

> IR> By the way, did you know some wrapper to allow lzw compressed
> IR> tcpip connections to (G, B, J, T)NOS systems ? Spezial for nntp
> IR> and mail. Or good examples how to programm them ?
>This is all handled at the socket level in NOS. You could probably port the
>NOS code into Linux, and someone may already have done so for all I know.
IR> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ do you have
IR> more information ?

I do not know of any implementation.

-- Mike