Linux-Hams archive - April 1997: ? Adr masquarading with sendmail

? Adr masquarading with sendmail

Mike Bilow (O3)
Fri, 11 Apr 97 16:27:00 -0000

Ingo Renner wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

IR> My server is doing all mail for me. Sending mail to
IR>, private.domain and internet. The problem is, that
IR> I like to have sendmail to set the from: adr so that you can
IR> reach me with a reply. Sending mail to ampr-net will take my
IR> adr, sending to the private-net whith my adr from
IR> private-net and the internet adr for all other mail. In
IR> germany it is not easy to reply to an internetadr through
IR> and the people in the private-net have the same
IR> problem, because these domains should have no connection
IR> between them, accept for some wormholes :-) . How did you
IR> solve this problem ? But I want to keep my Linuxserver which
IR> sendmail, because my other machine switches between
IR> Dosgames, NT programming and Linux.

Is there any legal or regulatory reason why you could not simply define more
than one MX for your AMPR.ORG mail domain, one in AMPR.ORG that is more
preferred and one outside it that is less preferred?

IR> By the way, did you know some wrapper to allow lzw compressed
IR> tcpip connections to (G, B, J, T)NOS systems ? Spezial for nntp
IR> and mail. Or good examples how to programm them ?

This is all handled at the socket level in NOS. You could probably port the
NOS code into Linux, and someone may already have done so for all I know.
However, the negotiation of compression on the socket is handled by the upper
later protocol, implemented by extending the commands and responses for SMTP or
NNTP. This can lead to complexity, especially in failure modes.

-- Mike