FBB archive - September 1998: DRSI INITTNC.SYS


Mark - M1AJG (EEST)
Sat, 05 Sep 1998 20:12:39 GMT

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone could tell me what all the numbers mean in
the DRSI inittnc.sys file..

I have WinFBB32 V7.00e running with a KPC-3+ and want to increase the
TXDELAY slightly..

My Inittnc.sys is as follows

p0 1 64 10 4 4 10 100 18000 30 2 0

I know the p0 is Port 0 but that`s all...Where is the TXDELAY and what
are the others..

I only have one port at the moment on 144.950 so hence the one line in

I`ve read through the Docs a few times but haven`t been able to find
the info I require..I also printed the docs to make things a little
easier...but still no joy..

Many thanks all..

|| M1AJG ||
|| Mark ||